Bubbles Dive Center was established in 1998 with a high commitment of diving education and coastal environmental awareness. We have been coordinating beach and underwater clean up in Thousand Islands from 1999 until 2004 and 2006.

We were appointed as co-coordinator of reef check during the earth day in 2003.

We redefine scuba diving from only just an activity into a cause activity. We would like to encourage you to take notice into comfort and safety of sea’s environment and also yours.

Our PADI Instructors, assistant instructors and dive masters are ready to willing to help you to take the first step of becoming a certified diver and help you to increase your diving skill, with the mastering process.

Bubbles Dive Center is a great, safe and exciting place to learn diving.

Cozy classroom

dive shop

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Unique underwater view

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Bubbles Dive Center

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